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Moscow State University: Power Places


Tasks count: 11

Is there a real power place somewhere on the campus of MSU? 

It is, probably, a great mystery known only to the chosen few... 

Professor Mirus suggested founding an academic subdepartment dedicated to this phenomenon. How does a place influence a person (or vice versa)? Why does MSU intensify this influence? 

The subdepartment has not been founded. However, recently we have come across the letters of Mirus. We hope these letters will help us find a real power place of the famous university.

Let’s take part in a quest-tour to unravel the mystery!

What shall we do:

- read the letters and find out important data;

- learn the history of MSU;

- look for clues;

- solve riddles;

- use logic;

- land navigate;

- find the power place!

We need to have:

- Urban Quest App

- a map

- a mirror

- logic.

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova