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Kolomenskoye-2. Time travel.


Tasks count: 12

During our adventures at the Tsar's Courtyard of Kolomenskoye (see Kolomenskoye-1, Tomb Raiders), we found a strange artifact that had nothing to do with the historical exhibits of the museum.

The artifact is a miniature construction of several clocks connected. We would never have understood the purpose of this strange thing if it were not for the note that came with it:

“Digger, if you found it, I am proud of you. I finally finished my work on the time machine. I could not test it for obvious reasons. Kolomenskoye is the best place for a test drive: the line between the worlds is so thin here that it must be easy to travel in time. Go for it! Just choose the less crowded part of Kolomenskoye for this. I hope to join your field trials."

And here's what we thought: since we found this thing, we should test it! Moreover, we are already in Kolomenskoye. Let's take a look at this artifact and try to understand how it works.

It's not that we believe in the possibility of time travel. But the weird device seemed amusing. In addition, we have heard that sometimes strange things do happen in Kolomenskoye. 

So, either this device works, and we can launch a time machine. Or we will get to know more about the legends of Kolomenskoye, which is also fine.

Let's go! We will need a compass and a navigator. Who knows...

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova