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Tsaritsyno park. In search of antiquities.


Tasks count: 12

We planned to just take a walk in the Tsaritsyno Park - but we ended up being involved in the history of ancient graves, valuable artifacts, talking statues, and archaeological spirits...

Well, we’ve been through worse!

If you enter Tsaritsyno Park from Shipilovsky Proezd (where the Orekhovo metro station is), you will find yourself aside from the front part of the Tsaritsyno estate with its palaces and pavilions, on quiet paths among the oaks, maples, ash trees, and lindens of the old English garden. It's much calmer here; time seems to slow down, carrying you away, back to ancient times.

Literally. There are indeed cultural monuments on the territory of the Tsaritsyno Park that are much older than the Empress's estate. For example, the ancient burial mounds of our pagan ancestors...

But first things first.

We walked without any specific purpose, enjoying the beauty of nature. Although we had a compass and a navigator (just in case), we suddenly ended up near a mound. Having looked around, we noticed: such mounds were all around the place, very close to the trodden paths.

What were they for? 

Out of curiosity, we decided to turn off the path and come closer to the mound. We were about to climb on top of it when suddenly we heard a voice very close:

“Welcome to the park.”

We looked around again but found no one.

“You must be studying the history of Tsaritsyno?”

Stil, nobody was here... But we all heard the voice!

“Well, you could say that... And who are you?” Finally, we decided to ask.

“I will tell you now.”

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova