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Vyborg. Grandfather's testament.


Tasks count: 10

Peter Ivanov's grandfather was almost a hundred years old when the clock struck for him. And only on his deathbed did he tell his grandson a secret.

“We always lived modestly”, he said. “There are many envious people, so it is better to live your life honestly without attracting too much attention. But, Peter, you didn’t know that our family also has its secret”.

He sighed heavily, and Peter handed him a glass of water.

“This secret has been passed down from father to son for many generations. And your father would have shared it with you if you hadn't been orphaned too early. I am the only one left, and I must tell you everything before passing. For no one else to get this information, I wrote it down in a secret way, but only one part is in my office. The rest is for you to look for…”

Grandfather coughed and wheezed. Peter rushed for another glass, but grandfather stopped him, taking his hand:

“Look in the city. You know Vyborg, and what you don’t know, my notes will tell you.”

“But what must I find? What is the secret of our family?”

“Back in the Middle Ages, your great-great-great-grandfathers came here from across the sea... It all started then…”

He did not have time to say anything else. 

However, he indeed left a strange message in a desk drawer. Perhaps it leads to the solution of the mystery?

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova