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Tsaritsyno residence and a historical document.


Tasks count: 11

Our friends are fun. Not a day without surprises. Even if we are not looking for adventures, adventures find us anyway. 

If it were not for our friends, we would not get involved in all these stories…

So it is with our good friend Dolly. Actually, her full name is Dolores. Dolores Arturovna Cononova. She owes her name to her Colombian mother, who moved to Russia in her youth. However, everyone still calls her Dolly.

We were sitting in a cafe on the territory of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, drinking tea and reading newspapers. Dolly seemed to be completely immersed in a news article about Colombia. Suddenly, she slammed her hand on the table:

“Have you seen the latest news from Tsaritsyno? We are lucky to be here today.”

Of course, she wouldn’t miss an investigation where she could take part as a private detective. She never asked anyone for permission. And she didn’t ask us whether we wanted to accompany her or not: we became her partners by default. It's always fun; the point is to try not to get in a police station... However, Dolly could distract anyone.

“A valuable historical document has disappeared from Tsaritsyno, and the police still haven't found anything! What conclusions can you draw from this article?”

Dolly Arturovna looked at us, narrowing her eyes, which meant she had already made some conclusions. We had no choice but to read the article.

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova