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The Peter and Paul Fortress. Save your friend.


Tasks count: 13

“My friend, you are my white hope. I am sure you will be able to find me, take what I will give you, and... However, I cannot explain too much. The walls have ears, you know; it seems to me that rooftops have eyes... Therefore, I left messages for you, so that you can understand where to go. My trusted people who hid these messages from prying eyes will help you. Although they do not know everything... I can not completely trust anyone but you.

Please, find my messages and help me. Otherwise, we will not meet again... 

However, it is too early to despair. I believe that you will come to my rescue. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

After reading the letter from your old friend, you thought: indeed, you have not heard anything from him recently... Has there been some kind of misfortune? It is completely incomprehensible from the letter what exactly happened. One thing is clear: the matter is serious. If your friend has to make an effort so that no one but you receives a message from him, does it mean someone betrayed him? Or is he afraid of betrayal?

Of course, your friend has always been a cheerful, sociable, and courageous person: if he disagreed with someone, he expressed his disagreement, regardless of ranks and positions, and easily entered into a discussion on any topic. However, his kind disposition, coupled with intelligence, allowed him not to get into a mess, and no one could be angry with him. He had more friends than enemies. Could it be that this time someone held a grudge against him?

Be that as it may, if a friend calls for help, you will certainly help him. No matter how difficult and dangerous it is.

Therefore, having folded the letter of a friend and hidden it in your pocket, you left the house and hit the road.

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova