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Crazy day, or quest in Mikhalkovo. 


Tasks count: 11

You have never been to the Mikhalkovo estate, although it is an object of the cultural heritage of regional significance. It is not surprising: there are a lot of estates in Moscow, and people usually start with the most popular ones, like Tsaritsyno, Kuskovo, Ostankino...

One day, you arrived at the Koptevo station at the MCC (Moscow Central Circle) and saw two towers. Not like the ones in "The Lord of the Rings", but the ones that reminded you of Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov. The style was similar.

So, you decided to go and explore Mikhalkovo.

As soon as you crossed the road from the station, you saw a red and white building, one of the outbuildings of the estate. There were many owners over time. Therefore, you decided not to enter the manor park yet, but to go to the only house that remained residential.

You were so enthusiastic that at first you did not notice a strange phenomenon. Koptevo station is not the busiest one but there are cars and pedestrians on Mikhalkovskaya Street. Now, there was no one around. You paused for a second to make sure it was empty. Even the air seemed to be filled with silence.

You shrugged: maybe it was just a quiet hour. Well, it would be even better, because no one would bother you.

At first, you decided to approach the entrance gate towers to the left of the red and white outbuilding.

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova