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Treasure hunters in Suksun


Tasks count: 10

“If you had told us earlier what brought you here, I am not sure we would have come with you,” Grisha grinned.

“Exactly,” Gosha agreed, “You could have just as well referred to the horoscope.”

“Stop it,” Dasha waved their complaints away. “We are traveling around the Perm Territory anyway. And this place is historical, dating back to 1651. In any case, it’s worth seeing. Just do not use metal detectors for now.”

“We won’t. What is there to detect?..”

“Let's find out. First, we should get to this place.”

“That you dreamed about,” Grisha laughed.

“If you laugh at me, I won't tell you anything else. Be glad that the dream was so detailed, and I remembered almost everything! Even if it's crazy, isn't it interesting for you to compare expectations and reality?”

“We are here, after all,” Gosha nodded. “Well, show us what you saw.”

And this was what Dasha dreamed about.

She almost did not remember her great-grandmother: the woman died when Dasha was a preschooler. But she was originally from the Perm Territory and had lived in Suksun for many years. Her children took her to the city when she was quite old, as it was already difficult for her, a widow, to manage the household alone.

What remained of her were a few yellowed photographs and vague fragments of stories somewhere in the recesses of her great-granddaughter's memory. And nothing more... Nothing for many years. Until on her birthday, the great-grandmother decided to come to Dasha in a dream. It was then that the vague stories formed into a coherent narrative that captured Dasha who was fond of history and the search for artifacts, so much that she experienced great disappointment when she woke up.

The disappointment gave way to amazement when Dasha realized that she remembered almost everything, although she used to forget her dreams upon awakening. Jumping out of bed, she grabbed an old bulky album of photographs from the shelf: here she was, her great-grandmother. Same as in the dream. And this was her photo against the background of some house in Suksun... Her house? Or some historical landmark?

Dasha didn't know. But she understood that she urgently needed to go to Suksun. She and her friends planned a trip around the Perm territory next week, but she hastened their departure. She did not tell her friends all the details right away, only mysteriously hinting at a possible treasure in the historical settlement.

Language: English

author: olga zhivotarova