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Glasgow is the urban soul of Scotland


Tasks count: 13

For a full experience of the quest, I would recommend starting early morning so you can enjoy the opening hours for the whole tasks sites.
Glasgow grew from a small rural settlement on the River Clyde to become the largest seaport in Scotland. The city was once one of the most significant industrial towns in the world. As an ex-industrial city, Glasgow reviving itself as an art and tech hub. However, Its legacy can still be found everywhere in the form of steel products all over the former empire and beyond.
About the people of the city;
Glaswegians have a culture distinct from the rest of Scotland; they will identify with their city on a par with their country. They are very friendly; a Glaswegian will speak to you if you make eye contact. Their accent can be impenetrable to some, as well as their humour.
The following quest is 3km long, and it includes many captivating sites of Glasgow as well as a delightful beer treat at the end of your journey.

Language: English

author: bat-el_baryohai_galor