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Discover Wrocław A Place of Vision


Tasks count: 11

This quest is a story of old and new, bridges, witches, but most interesting is hidden in the lower parts of the city. A tiny extraordinary world of dwarves awaits for you to discover it. The "dwarves hunt" will fill your journey with myths and fun. If you look down, it will help you find the city's dwarves. I'm not saying that southern Poland people are short (trust me they are not!), I'm speaking about actual sculptures of dwarves, scattered around the city. In modern days we are playing games like Pokémon Go which lead you through places to find your desirable Pokémon. But now in this town, you got an old-style character finder game. Find the dwarves along with the city sights.
So where did the dwarves come from? I'll answer that at the end of the quest, hopefully, you'll have a successful dwarves hunt!
Wrocław is a city where history and modernity meets. Lies on the waters of the River Oder. If you look up, you'll find more than 100 road bridges and footbridges attach the riverbanks in Wrocław. Some of these bridges tangled with witchcraft, be prepared to meet some witches as well.
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Stroll around the greenery of Wrocław, and spot some dwarves.
Beginning of the quest: Welcome to Wrocław! I hope you are ready to dive into the past of this enchanting city.

Language: English

author: bat-el_baryohai_galor